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How Our Solutions Benefit The Earth

It's true! We're not "less-harmful", this is acutally beneficial. Here's why.

  • Our Main Concentrate Cleans Our Water Supply: Once our concentrate goes down the drain, it continues to be supportive to our life and other life. Water treatment plants do a great job at purifying the water that goes to them and comes back to us. The Myster Wise Concentrate takes it one step further. As it journeys through, it begins to quicken purification by altering ammonical nitrogen, phosphate, TDS (Total dissolved solids), DO (Dissolved oxygen) BOD5 (Biochemical oxygen demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) in measurable quantities. These are the technical terms used to say that, it helps clean up our greywater.

  • Potent Compost for the Earth: All of our solutions are made of purely Earth-native ingredients and using minimal to no processing. We use it for a bunch of things we need it for, and you can sleep well knowing it's going to go back to the Earth and help life continue to flourish. Whether it's the herbs, the fruits, the berries, the vegetables, the root starch, or whatever else is contained in the solution, it's all food for the Earth. We just borrowed it for some time, and offering it back after. Great for adding to your garden too! (Dilute with water if adding directly to plants)... Adding these enzymes and more to your garden will result in heightened enzymatic activity, meaning more steps towards purifying the soil and further adding nutrients immediately bio-available to the plants.

  • Organic Ingredients and Sustainably Sourced: There's two aspects to this. An ingredient may be organic but it's not an end by itself. Sustainable growing practices are also essential. We ensure to get all our raw inputs from a responsible source. From A to Z, we want to make sure it benefits everyone and everything along the way.

  • Committed to Plastic-Free Packaging: As tough as this was for people to grasp, we wanted absolutely plastic-free packaging provided with the product. This means no foil liners, no plastic liners. If you look closely, so many paper products are covered in plastic!!! We currently send you liquids in a sanitized and upcycled plastic container for ease of shipment. For some smaller liquid amounts, the option to purchase glass packaging is there. Powders are shipped in 100% plastic-free, unlined kraft paper. Check out our page Future Goals and Focus Points to see where we are headed. Your support is key to our possible growth!



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