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our focus

Our Focus

Currently, everything is being produced by one person (me writing this) in an apartment in North Park, San Diego. I'm doing everything - from the website all the way to sanitizing and cleaning recyclables for packaging! With your support - by visiting us at a Farmers' Market, ordering online through our website, as well as sharing this on social media - this just might get somewhere! So here's the next steps planned so far...!



  • 1 year: Move into a small warehouse space and start production in large-scale fermentation tanks and mixers.

  • 2 years: Increase and move fermentation tanks into a large greenhouse designated for Myster Wise Guy and also grow fruits and vegetables in the same space! A new outlook on energy and space efficiency with regards to heating and multi-use spaces. Move away from corporate norm and create production spaces that coexist with nature as well.

  • 5 years: Replicate production to 7 locations across the United States to ease distribution network.


  • 1 year: Find local (Southern California) zero-waste stores that will facilitate distribution of "for laundry" solution. Emphasis on BYOB - bring your own bottle.

  • 2 years: Set up vending portals in multiple locations to increase availability of BYOB concept - bring your own bottle; eventually expand availability of other solutions dispensed.


  • 1 year: Sell bottles and containers separate from product. Emphasis on refilling by the ounce versus packaging. Initially supply upcycled containers for minimal cost aside BYOB distributions until people get more accustomed to bringing their own bottle.

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