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  • A farmer-owned business

  • All ingredients are 100% Earth-native

  • Committed to reducing waste

  • All Organic Ingredients (Some Not Yet Certified), unless otherwise mentioned

  • Woman-owned

  • As Plastic-Free as possible

"True health fundamentally means to be in tune with nature, both inner and outer." -Sadhguru

Myster Wise Guy is an offering to those who are truly looking for solutions which have a minimal footprint. It's for you, the conscious consumer!

Our Story


Hi reader! Myster Wise Guy is a project based on my passion for You, the Earth, and Life.


I lived in India for 8 years doing volunteer work. This happened in 2017 - a group of us went for a hike in the rainforest, and I stumbled upon some berries on the path. Out of curiosity, I put a few in my pocket in hopes of later identifying them. Placed them on my shelf, and forgot about them...


Fast forward a few months later. I'm on a computer trying to figure out what these dried up berries are - turns out they're soap nuts! I was genuinely amazed with the claims, but had apprehensions about how well they might actually work.


I tried them out by putting them in a cotton pouch. With access only to hand-washing, I allowed the water pressure from the tap hit the pouch in the bucket. The soap bubbles had me fascinated! I had to find a way to make this easier!


Most of us grew up in a culture where the words "cleaning" and "chemicals" are synonymous. I always wanted an alternative, and you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't too. The closest options were always marketed as less harmful chemicals / natural soaps  / biodegradable / earth-friendly, etc... But we all know how clever words can be!


After several years of research, experimentation and external user inputs, Myster Wise Guy has become a solution for personal and home care, with many more solutions to come! They won't be eco-friendly... All solutions are and will continue to be Earth-native, with as minimal to no processing! When we say no chemicals or additives, we really mean it! We can't change what other people use, but we have a choice in what we use in our homes, and what goes back down our drains. Let us start here.

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