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Zero Waste Protocol

This is our commitment to you as a small business and as a fellow human on this Earth. This is our assurance to you that we are in strict accordance with the Zero Waste Protocol.

We want to give you a way to reduce waste, reduce your footprint.

Because let's face it... it takes a lot of effort to avoid excess packaging and avoid false "natural" advertising. We want to help you in your efforts!

  • Our packaging involves only 100% plant-based/natural fiber containers

  • We are committed to making plastic-free packaging the standard.

  • Where plastic-free is not possible, we strive go to great lengths to minimize the amount used.

  • The source and lifecycle of each ingredient has been thoroughly considered to ensure minimal processing, and only obtained from the purest source.

  • All ingredients are as minimally processed as we can find. We prefer simple solutions over complicated ones, leading to little or no waste.

  • Some handmade options are available thanks to native artisans in order to support the local North American economy and promote ancient arts.

  • All solutions offered by us are guaranteed to contain organic, earth-native, natural, herbal, minimally processed, plant-based ingredients - free from harsh, lab-created chemicals, and even free from lab-created biodegradable or otherwise "less-harmful" chemicals.

*Our goal in the future is to provide simplified re-fill station solutions and eliminate use and throw packaging altogether in the future...

Despite much external pressure to go with plastic packaging solutions that would simplify expansion and distribution, this would not hold true to our Zero Waste Protocol. We choose to maintain our commitment to being a part of the solution, not the problem. Support us - be a part of the solution!


Zero Waste Protocol

business with a conscience...


1 commentaire

23 oct. 2022

The product works well to keep me smelling great throughout the entire day. The packaging and branding are nice. I highly recommend either one of these products. love the smell and natural ingredients… ♥️

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