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How Our Solutions Benefit You

So, no lab-made or harsh chemicals. Great! But what's the big difference? Although this might seem like an obvious one! There's room for misinterpretation (as with anything). Chemicals are not bad. Everything has a chemical basis to it, a chemical name, when you're speaking that kind of language. What's important is the cause and effect in relation to our bodies and what surrounds the body, right? So our life, and the life that surrounds us. Because that's what we experience, each to a different degree. Since they're not really indifferent from one another, both must be well. Harsh chemicals, well... they're harsh on us, harsh on plant and animal life. Myster Wise Guy offerings contain only Earth-native ingredients, subtle in nature, strong in functionality.

For Laundry: No More Residue on Skin and Clothing!!!

Some common products being used in our home have a detrimental effect on the body when used long-term, particularly through contact by the breath or touch. Once you're done with these chemicals, they're not done with you. They stay stuck on your clothes and textiles after a wash, they stay on your skin and hair after a shower... They leave residue behind! Our pores are passageways, especially when we sweat, as are our nostrils. Using conscious solutions in our day-to-day life is essential.

Cleaning Sprays: Keeps Your Drains Clear - No More Soap Scum!!!

The unique formulation of bacteria and enzymes present in our concentrate actually digests organic waste commonly found in your plumbing systems. And since the saponins present in soap nuts don't form any soap scum or residue, you're left with cleaner and clearer drains too!

Fermented Body Care: Balancing the Bacteria and Nutrifying

A balanced microbiome is essential to your skin health. What we term as "soap" generally kills bacteria, the good, the bad, the ugly. Myster Wise Guy solutions employ nature to take over. With the help of vitamins, antioxidants, and microorganisms, they help balance the battle and truly nourish your skin and hair. Fermentation allows the skin to absorb more of the good stuff!



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