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How It's Made and Why It Works | Laundry Liquid

100% Organic Ingredients:

organic fermented citrus, organic soap nuts (sapindus mukorossi)

Put simply, Myster Wise Guy concentrate is made by combining and fermenting organic substances, all which could be grown in a garden. The inputs churn out glycosides, proteins, salts and other materials, which are all by-products of the naturally occurring bacteria/yeast and soap nuts. What this does is - it basically creates a solution full of enzymes and saponins. This is what they're trying to make in a lab and offer you, but why make it synthetically?

What Are Enzymes and Why Are They Important?

Enzymes are biological catalysts. They speed things up. Your common household detergent, it most likely has enzymes in it. They break down what you want out, and allows them to wash off.

What Are Saponins and Why Are They Important??

The name ‘saponin’ comes from the Latin word ‘sapo,’ which means ‘soap’ as saponins show the unique properties of foaming and emulsifying agents. They contain strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. They behave as a natural surfactant.

In the end, what you get is a concentrate useful for a myriad of cleaning applications - made of the Earth, for the Earth.




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