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"Not a product... A solution."

While on a hike in the South Indian rainforest, I found some berries, and it led to the discovery of a 100% native Earth solution! Myster Wise Guy, created out of a need for a truly natural soap - created using only organic materials, sustainably grown and harvested. That’s right! Zero chemicals, no preservatives, none of it…!


After some research and asking around, they turned out to be soap

nuts - extensively used by ancient civilizations, and I thought...!

  • “Why have I never heard of this?”

  • “Why are “harsh chemicals” and “cleaning” synonymous?”

  • “Why is there no option that is not just “less harmful” “biodegradable” “plant-based,” but actually beneficial to the Earth and its water systems?”

“So then, how can these soap nuts be made into a self-preserving shelf-stable solution?”


I finally stopped asking why, but how?! This last question led to a few years of trial and error, but it’s finally ready, and available for you.


Myster Wise Guy is just starting up. We are going to be offering more solutions in the near future. Some of us are done with mediocre options. We want something that works, works well, and works in conjunction with our environment. All the solutions are here, it’s up to us…

Learn about our Zero Waste Protocol

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